We increase OLED materials manufacturing efficiency

by eliminating the need for expensive transition metals through our innovative chemical synthesis method.


Metal-free synthesis

We are bringing a previously unavailable transition metal-free organic molecule synthesis and purification method technology to market.

EmiBLUE synthesis method can be applied for the scope of substrates in organic semiconductors, light-emitting materials and drug research.

The method is based on transition metal-free nucleophilic substitution reaction and can be optimized for any reaction in which new C–N / C–O or C–S bonds are formed.



Additionally, our unique synthesis method allowed us to create previously unavailable TADF OLED emissive materials with superior physical qualities. Download our white paper to find out more.

Our synthesis
method features

Same equipment

No additional manufacturing equipment is required to implement our synthesis method. Equipment related to catalysts is redundant.


Our synthesis method allows for creation of previously unavailable superior TADF OLED emissive materials.

Faster manufacturing

Up to five times faster materials manufacturing. No time wasted adding catalysts and purifying materials.

Various applications

Our synthesis method can be optimized for any reaction in which new C–N / C–O or C–S bonds are formed.

Higher profits

Elimination of catalyst use implies cheaper manufacturing. Reduction in costs means higher profits for manufacturers and/or more accessible devices to the public

Our partners

Helen Keller famously said:

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Latvijas Investīciju un attīstības aģentūra un SIA “Emiblue”, reģ. nr. 40203252070, 2021.gada 30.jūnijā noslēdza līgumu Nr. VP-L-2021/71 par atbalsta saņemšanu, ar mērķi izveidot un notestēt organiskās gaismu emitējošās diodes (OLED stack), kur emitējošā slānī tiks izmantoti inovatīvi savienojumi. Atbalsts tiek sniegts Eiropas Reģionālās attīstības fonda projekta „Tehnoloģiju pārneses programma” (projekta identifikācijas numurs ietvaros. Saņemtā atbalsta vērtība vaučera Nr. VP-V-2021/86 ietvaros ir EUR 4395,00.

Core team

Arturs Grigorjevs

Chief Executive Officer

Optimist. Visionary.

Igors Marusko

Chief Operating Officer

Sceptic. Strategist.

Dr. Evgeny Mostovich

Chief Technical Officer

Inventor. Genius.

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First highly emissive furan-phenylenes co-oligomers developed.


First organic light-emitting transistors (OLED) based on furan-phenylenes co-oligomers.


Research team formed. Laboratory of Organic Optoelectronics established.


First organic filed-effect transistors (OFET) based on furan-phenylenes co-oligomers.


EmiBLUE company established.


Previously unavailable high photoluminescence quantum efficiency blue and yellow TADF materials developed.


Pre-seed investment raised. Cooperation with industry begins. Contact us to be among the first